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Force fitting bushes

  • [Translate to China:] Assembled bushing in frame
    [Translate to China:] Assembled bushing in frame
  • [Translate to China:] TOX®-Production System
    [Translate to China:] TOX®-Production System
  • [Translate to China:] Car sub frame
    [Translate to China:] Car sub frame

Information on the project

A perfect solution. The Chinese customer had been searching for a solution that is fitting into his manufacturing processes so harmoniously. The operator can load all the components in the safe area and manually start the process. The machine works automatically and he can use his time efficiently for other processes. The work-piece moves by a guide carriage into the first position under the two C-bows. These are arranged diagonally and equipped with TOX®-hydraulic cylinders.

2 bushes are simultaneously mounted precisely, before the bows change on guided rails to the second position to complete the part assembly with the next 2 bushes.



Two TOX®-C-bow-presses with force fitting tooling.


Drive: TOX®-Pneumohydraulic Unit Type KT with two hydraulic cylinder HZL 11.101.200 and one booster ES 300:


  • press force 108 kN (at 6 bar air pressure at the booster)
  • total stroke 200 mm, power stroke 140 mm


By connecting to normal shop air the booster provides sufficient hydraulic pressure for multiple drives.

Manually loading of the parts. Automated positioning of the component.




应用: 冲压
产品: 压力机和系统
Industries: 汽车行业
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